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Thank you for your interest in serving with us!

After getting saved and being Spirit-filled, we believe the most important qualities any ministry worker can have are these: a servant's heart and a leader's mind. At NCMC there are many different ministries you can serve in, and each ministry holds its own opportunity to minister God's love to His kids. Regardless of how big or how small the task may be, recognize it as an opportunity to grow yourself and those around you and take it on with a spirit of excellence. Endeavour to reflect the servanthood and leadership we see in Jesus' earthly ministry wherever you serve by strengthening and encouraging those around you and leaving each situation better than you found it. 


Steps for Ministry

  1. Training to Bless Your Church: This class not only provides you with the foundation needed to become an effective member of NCMC, but also shows you how to recognize the work God has called you to and how to go about fulfilling it. Stop by the Connect Centre for more information on how you can get involved.
  2. Ministry Application Form: Our Team Leaders can direct you on where to get a hard copy, or you can simply print it off from here.
  3. Child Abuse Form: This is necessary if you're working with children or teens.
  4. Ministry Interview: You're interviewed by the Team Leader and Department Head.