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Prayers Answered, Cat Restored!

Ruth Ann A.

Here is my story of how God answered prayer. It  involves our cat, Ascension, who was one of the two cats I wrote about in the Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon book!

On a Friday evening, in late October, our cat, Ascension, caught her leg in a blanket. She cried with pain and was evidently in distress. I found a vet who was open and we immediately took her to the clinic. The vet said she had injured her knee. She gave her a strong injection for pain, and asked us to come back on Monday to have the knee x-rayed. I prayed with a lady and she gave me a word that Ascension was not going to have anything seriously wrong. I had great confidence in this. However, after the x-ray was taken,  the vet phoned us and said Ascension had torn tendons in her knee and would have to have surgery. She said that the tendons couldn't repair themselves and that an expensive surgery was the only option. I was confused because I had expected a good report.

The vet sent the x-rays to our own veterinarian. She phoned me and said she was not at all sure there were torn tendons. This was encouraging. She asked us to watch Ascension for a while and make an appointment to come to her clinic

In the meantime, Ascension began walking quite normally. We continued to pray and believe God for a good outcome.

On the day of Ascension's appointment, the enemy tried to bring fear, but he wasn't successful. I kept praying. The vet had orthopedic training and was able to assess Ascension's knee through manually manipulating it. Then she gave the diagnosis we had been believing for. She  told us there was nothing torn in Ascension's knee, that her knee cap was fine and we didn't have to do anything!  No surgery needed! The first vet may have misread the x-ray but I believe God healed our cat and spared us an expense we couldn't easily meet.

Praise the Lord! He cares for all living things, even cats!!