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Healed from Severe Arthritis!

Elaine J.

I think it was around September/October I started experiencing lower back pain. I went to my doctor and was told I had a kidney stone which I’ve had problems with over the years. The pain was getting harder to bear so I went back to the doctor.

I must have passed the kidney stone but was told I had a lot of muscle tension and was given a muscle relaxant. I took it, but the pain was so intense that I couldn't sit up straight and the only way I could sleep was to sit on the bed with a pile of pillows in front of me and lean forward on them. My doctor then added another prescription, Oxycodone. I couldn't do much taking them, so I just took Advil 600 ml instead. All through this I’d listen to healing sermons on my tablet; I had them playing all night so I’d hear them when I’d go to sleep and when I’d wake up.

Finally I went to emergency where I was given a CT Scan and wasn't given much information except that I needed to go back to my doctor to talk about the results and to continue with the pain pills.
When I discussed the CT scan with my doctor I was told I had severe arthritis in my spine. I was given yet another prescription (Lyrica) which I was given a box of in the doctor's office, but the minute he passed it to me I knew in my sprit that I was not supposed to take it. So I have muscle relaxants, Oxycodone and now Lyrica. I was told to take all of them as prescribed so I could sleep and when pain woke me up to repeat them. Wow this was so crazy to me; I didn’t know what I was going to do. I started entertaining the enemy’s lie that I would not be able to live alone because I couldn’t do anything for myself.

I picked up my Charles Capps book of healing scriptures and started reading them and I started walking around speaking the scriptures out loud and I could feel power/strength going through me. For sure the Word is alive and sharper than a two-edged sword.

That same night I slept on my back for the first time and woke up in the morning with no pain. I decided to stop the Advil and a few days later still no pain.

On November 20th I went up for prayer and Pastor Gary and Pastor Nancy said these words over me, “it’s finished today,” without even knowing the details, and I received that in the name of Jesus.
My doctor had his nurse set up an appointment with me to see how I was doing. I told him I was great, and when he asked if I required any medication, I told him no that I was good, to which he looked surprised.
We have to get the revelation of how much God loves us which I didn't fully receive before. Thinking that I'm no one special for God to be concerned with is another lie from the enemy. It's not just for someone else; it’s for me and you!!!!! God, our heavenly Father wants us well, sickness and disease are from the devil who’ll do anything to distract us from the truth.

We sometimes get complacent when things are going smoothly but we have to keep the Word in our eye gate and ear gate at all times, the devil is a liar, don't give him an opening. I haven’t taken any more medication, not even Advil, since November.

Thank You God for Your Grace and Mercy and healing power!